The University is committed to creating, promoting and maintaining an environment for staff and students which provides equality of opportunity, which is free of any discrimination and harassment. It supports equal opportunity and strongly opposes discrimination/harassment. The University will take whatever action may be needed to prevent, and if necessary, discipline behaviour which violates this Policy.

The University's equal opportunity policy forbids the following discrimination/ harassment in activities carried out in the course of employment, education, provision of goods and services, or other activities organised by the offices of the University:

  • Sex discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Disability discrimination, harassment and vilification
  • Marital status discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Family status discrimination
  • Harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation, and
  • Racial discrimination and harassment.

The Policy on Equal Opportunity can be viewed at:

The Policy on Employing Persons with a Disability can be viewed at:

For more information about Equal Opportunity, please visit http://www.eounit.hku.hk/.